Maintain Your AC

Most of the people really love to use air-conditioning at home especially when they are sleeping or sometimes when they just like to use it anytime of the day. Other work at home people tend to use their air-conditioner all day running, but don’t you know without a proper maintenance of your air-conditioner might lead you to buy a new one?

In order to check up on your air-conditioner, you should follow the instructions we have prepare for you.

Check and Clean the Filter

Dirty filter restricts the air to flow and might cause your unit not to provide the proper cooling you expect. Remove your unit’s filter and wash it with plain water every once in a month to maintain its cleanliness. Filter inside the air-conditioning unit is the first one to block those dirts trying to come inside the unit and block the air way to produce cooling temperature inside the room.

Straighten The Fins

If you notice that there are fins at the back of our air-conditioning unit, you should carefully use a butter knife to bent those fins, keep in mind that you have to be gentle when using a butter knife to stretch those fins marks away, too much pressure using a butter knife will damage the tube embedded within those fins. In case you didn’t know, these fins at the back of your unit are one of the reasons why you are not properly receiving the normal cool temperature inside the room.

Use a Thermostat

Usually modern air-conditioning nowadays comes with a programmable thermostat that allows you to set the temperature higher when no one is at home, then it decreases the temperature 30 minutes before any one of your family members go home. This is the ideal way to save energy and money if you don’t want to come home with hot temperature within your property, this is also refrain you in leaving the AC turn on all day.

Run Your AC During Cold Season

Run your AC during cold weather season or just before the summer arrives and examine whether the air flow coming from your air-conditioning is still the same. If you do this step during summer, you cannot determine if your unit is giving you the normal coolness since summer is really hot; it might confuse you.

If these instructions do not answer your air-conditioning problem, it’s time to consider calling a professional like the guys at Baltimore AC Repair